"Job Opportunity for Retired PAPD"

I am requesting that you send out another message regarding a job opportunity for retired PAPD..you sent this out before..at the World Trade Center area, a private company Sam Schwartz LLC is hiring retired police personnel to manage intersections on the perimeter of the WTC construction site..there is heavy pedestrian traffic coming out of the PATH station and crossing Church St..construction equipment and deliveries also are required to access the construction site..the hired personnel will wear some type of uniform, possibly cargoe pants and a jacket and ballcap..the personnel hired may supervise and/or direct the traffic flow..the salary is in the $30.00 an hour range.there are flexible hours .they are looking for enough personnel to cover at least a twelve hour day and probably six days a week..the CONTACT person for anyone interested is as follows: CARL VITALE-detail coordinator tel. 212-598-9010, email cvitale@samschwartzcompany.com .
thank you.

Submitted by: Robert Sbarra (Actice - PATH)

"K9 Job Offer for Retired PO"

I was just directed to pass this onto the our membership. Securitas (http://securitasjob.com/) is looking to start 10 bomb dogs/explosive detections/ K9 handlers at the Lakehurst and Earle Naval Base locations. They are looking for 10 retired police officers. Contact name: Joe Napoli. If interested, please fax resumes to: 732-993-0618, DEADLINE is Wednesday, March 4th. Upon acceptance, there will be a 4 week K9 training in Indiana. Good luck to anyone interested.

Ed Eccles
Administrative Assistant, Associate Member
Middletown F.O.P. Lodge #53

Website: www.middletownfop53.org

"Drive With Giants"
Security Driving

It has been a few weeks since the last update and I'll try to not let it take as long in the future. We have seen more activity starting to come from the Giants players as the mini camps approach on March 16th.
We now have a few dedicated vehicles situated in the meadowlands are for use on security driving details for those of you who do not have a suitable vehicle to perform the services we are providing.

Going forward we are paying people without vehicles $25.00 per hour and those with $35.00 and hour when they use their private vehicle. These rates are for the contracts with the Giants only! Since we have already started receiving calls from athletes outside the NY Metro area for security and drivers when they are in town, we will be paying a higher
hourly rate depending on what we charge for our services. Our goal is to be able to give a minimum of $35.00 per hour to the people without vehicles and $45.00 to those using their own vehicle. If the client also requests a separate security agent in addition to the vehicle, we will average out the detail so that everyone associated with these details will get equal pay.

On the current news front, we do have a meeting with the NJ Nets on Friday February 27th, to discuss a possible working relationship between our 2 organizations. If this results in a contract, we will give specifics as to the hourly rate associated with any contract. Also we are still waiting to hear back from the NY Jets, who were very receptive to our proposals and are weighing their options.
Since we have a new data base up and running for the purpose of scheduling, it is imperative to have everyone submit their availability to be on call for work on a weekly or monthly basis and let us know if there a times they are not available. If everyone could respond to this email address, Jcscoot@aol.com with their availability, we will get

schedules out to all ASAP.
We have found that many of our jobs do originate from the East Rutherford-Lynhurst area and are many times on short notice, so if you do put in availability, we may call on short notice and therefore need to have several people on call at all times to cover these


Thanks to everyone!


Carroll Rich (Retired - NJMT)


"More Work - New Careers"
To All Port Authority Retired Police Officers

I would like to take the time to let you know a little about the company and what we do.

United States Process Serving Corp., is a professional association of retired peace officers. Our men and women are former police officers, sheriffs, deputies, state troopers, and other varies of peace officer. We have been in business since 1983, and over the years have provided litigation support to literally thousands of law offices, government agencies, financial institutions, and those who are undertaking their own litigation.

Like I just stated this dynamic position involves service of civil court documents sent in by law firms, government agencies, and private individuals handling their own litigation. Each process server becomes a self-employed, independent contractor, enjoying all the freedom and benefits that go hand in hand with running a business. Each server works part-time from their home and traveling within an approximately 20 mile radius of where they live.

Please find attached a hiring flyer that we encourage you to post in a visible place, place an ad in your magazine/web site or distribute as you see fit. If you happen to know anyone that would be interested, we offer a $100 referral fee should we hire that person that can be made out to your office or to a charity of your choice!

We have many job opportunities all over the United States.


Kimberly Lindsay

Human Resource Manager

United States Process Serving Corp
285-266 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14222
Toll free phone: 1-800-465-7378
Toll free fax: 1-866-837-0331

"Part/Time Employment Opportunity"

To all PAPDA and Signal8-2 West members that reside in the State of NJ, and have a valid NJ retired officers carry permit. Any member that may be interested in part time employment, normally on Friday and Saturday nights, working armed security at the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights NJ, contact our associate PARDA member Bob Puorro, cell number 732-539-1098, identify yourself as a PARDA member and mention this email.

Bob has advised me that the employer will issue you a Tee shirt that reads POLICE on the rear, and other items, you must purchase Police uniform Blue pants (if you do not have them), this part time work is basically summer work however, they have selected special events throughout the year. Applicant must have a valid State of NJ Retired Police Officer carry permit.

Working conditions are nice, and are concentrated on the Casino amusement pier. They currently have a few openings, however, if you are hired now, even though summer is almost over, you are on the list to work for the next Summer and many summers to come. This is a nice part time job,noting most of the posts are roving patrols with partners. Bob will discuss the hourly rate with you.

Ken Vitty



Kevin Devlin, retired two years ago from the Port Authority Police as the first Commanding officer of Special Operation Division.

He is now employed by Mike Stapleton Associates, which is a security company in lower Manhattan, which is now getting involved with a project for the Port Authority at JFK and LGA. Brian Toohey (Retired - PATN) of FJC security, which has the contract for NIA and Teterboro.

Kevin, is looking for retired law enforcement personal, (hopefully from the PAPD) to fill position for the Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems professional.

Basically the PIDS operator would be assigned to a desk adjacent to the Police Desk and will be monitoring screens which will have cameras, sensor alarms, ground radar, etc. The PIDS operator will then pass along any intrusions, that maybe an actual, that has been caused by a break into the fence line to the Police desk, for a response by the PAPD.

The starting pay is $28.75 an hour, the position is indoors, climate controlled and working with PAPD officers, almost like going home again.

Kevin, is the first retired from the Port Authority Police to be employed by MSA and he is hoping to bring more of our PONYA family in on this, mostly everyone here is retired NYPD.

If you or anyone has any questions they can either e-mail or call Kevin or Human Resources Director.

Kevin G. Devlin

Joe Herald

Mike Stapleton Associates - Director of Human Resources

9 Murray Street 212-509-1336 ext 222

New York, New York 10007 jherald@mikestapleton.com

212-509-1336 ex 223

fax 212-509-1372


"Employment Opportunity"

To all NYNJ PARDA members:

The parent company of the firm in which I am employed as the Vice President of Sterling Investigative Services Auto & Technical Forensic Division, Asset Protection Group, LLC, is seeking an Investigator, and a pool of surveillance / armed retired police officers and detectives. You must be able to write reports and handle camera equipment, and must have basic computer skills is required. Bilingual is an asset.

If you are interested, please send your Resume to our Senior Vice President and Corporate council, Bernie Murphy at the following address: In regards to my division, we are also seeking a part time accident Re-constructionist. You must be court qualified, fully trained in all aspects of accident reconstruction, and willing to attend a course in "Black box technology". Our geographical area of operation is the tri-State area and most of Pennsylvania. I am also seeking a qualified and Certified Fire Investigator to cover Western PA and NY State. When you mail your resume, please indicate which position you may be interested in.

Asset Protection Group, LLC
116 North Broadway, 2nd floor,
South Amboy, NJ 08879

Att: Bernard Murphy

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