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The following items available from the PARDA store:

Golf Shirts- (Pullover) Navy Blue with Yellow PARDA retired detective shield- All sizes available,…..$19.00 each.

Tee Shirts- Navy Blue with Yellow PARDA retired detective shield. All sizes…….$13.00 each

Courtesy cards: Additional courtesy cards are $1.50 each.

Windshield decals: Depicts the PARDA shield very attractive and colorful, designed to be placed on lower left corner of windshield, above the DMV stickers….. $1.50 each.

Baseball type hats: Dark Blue with bright yellow /gold PARDA shield, great quality hat, adjustable band. $10.00 plus shipping.

Please forward payment and description of item desired as well as sizes to Peter T. Caram, PO Box 563, Freehold, NJ 07728.

Please include postage. Postage is calculated parcel post rates to your home.

To order, please mail check to Peter T. Caram, PO Box 563, Freehold, NJ 07728. Make check payable to NYNJ PARDA. Than send me an email at kvitfs@aol.com or nynjparda@aol.com. and advise of your size, type of shirt requested and number of shirts requested.

Ken Vitty


Membership Application

Application for membership includes the following: all retired former PA Detectives and former and retired detective supervisors of all ranks, including Captains, Inspectors and Chief of Police, or any retired member of the PAPD.

Associate membership is offered to any retired detective, detective supervisor, or Police Officer from any other agency or police department that had worked with any PAPD Detective in the past, in a task force atmosphere, or has been recommended for membership by a NYNJPARDA active member in good standing.


Ken Vitty

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Please accept this email as a reminder that any use of the NYNJPARDA googlegoups web site is for association use and not for personal use. The site and service also is not for political gain nor does PARDA support any individual, group or person. Our bylaws forbid any politically toned notices or emails sent out to our members. if a member would like to express themselves and their opinions, please use your personal email and not our googlegroups email service. Thank you

Ken Vitty


" A Reminder "

Just a reminder that our first board and GM meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 12:00 noon at Sam's Restaurant and Bar, 612 Third Ave., Elizabeth, NJ 07202. We will have the results of the 2011 awards dinner, our finances to date, and will have nominations for two members that will be nominated for the 2012 PARDA Commendation medal. Please try and attend. You can pay for the lunch at the meeting which is usually no more than $20.00 per person. The food is great, Have a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Never forget, we still have each other.

If you are not receiving our PARDA emails on googlegroups, let me know and please check your spam folder daily, as we have found that some servers transfer bulk emails into your spam folder


Ken Vitty, Retired Detective CIB


"To all PARDA members and board members"

To All board members, the next meeting of the PARDA board and General membership meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 17, 2011 12:00 noon at Sam's Restaurant and Bar,
612 Third Ave, corner of John St., Elizabeth, NJ 07202. We will have the results of our past awards dinner and Cynthia will have the treasurers report for 2012. We also will have to vote on the awards for 2 Commendation awards to be presented at the 2012 awards dinner. Hope to see you at the meeting


Ken Vitty, Retired Detective CIB



"To All Members"

Peter Caram has decided to step down as PARDA Treasurer due to personal business. I have used my interim term appointment powers to appoint Cynthia Hadley-Bailey as our new treasurer. Peter will be assisting Cynthia during this transition period. Pleas still send our ticket money for the event to Peter T. Caram, PO Box 563 Freehold, NJ 07728 until further notice. Peter has been given a trustee position and is still a board member and valued advisor.

John Daniel also has been give a Trustee position and the recording secretary position will now be held by Gilberto-Medina-Ayala. Both John and Peter are still voting board members as trustees. time is growing near for the dinner, please get your ticket money in as soon a possible. I had to act quickly regarding this matter as the upcoming awards dinner requires a lot of work. it would be inappropriate for Lee Folwer and I to act as President, 2nd VP, as well as secretary and treasurer. I will advise you once Cynthia has the new PO box set up as well as the new bank account or account transfer of funds.

Thank you



"NYNJ PARDA Members"

Member Fred Kuebler who has a Federal Firearms dealers license, has advised us of the following: " Any member of the organization can purchase firearms thorough me for 10% above dealer cost. If they live in NY, they can pickup here, if they live in any other State, they must use a local dealer to receive whatever they buy from me. I can also do the New Jersey Firearms Certification for retired Police". This message will also be on the NYNJ PARDA bulletin board on our web pages.




We have received a few inquiries from members that now reside out of the Tri-State area and are not aware of the Port Authority's mailing address. All communications and questions regarding your benefits should be directed to " The Port Authority Of NY & NJ, 225 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003, attn: Benefits dept. their phone number is 212-435-2870, and their fax number is 212-435-2871.

Ken Vitty




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