*** Lest We Never Forget ***

Our "37"- 9/11/01

" NYNJPARDA salutes and pays tribute to the 37 heroes of the Port Authority Police Department who gave their lives to save thousands of employees and Visitors caught in the World Trade Center attack. We will never forget them!

Fred V. Morrone
James Romito
Anthony Infante
Kathy Mazza

Robert Cirri
Robert Kaulfers

George Howard
Donald Foreman
Steve Huczko
Walter McNeil
John Skala

Nathaniel Webb
Bruce Reynolds
Christopher Amoroso
Maurice Barry
Liam Callahan
Gregg Froehner
James Parham
Paul Jurgens

Thomas Gorman
Paul Laszczynski
John Lennon

Joseph Navas
Alfonse Niedermeyer
David Le Magne
Donald McIntyre
Walwyn Stuart
Kenneth Tietjen
Michael Wholey
Clinton Davis
Uhuru Houston
James Lynch
John Levi
Dominick Pezzulo
Antonio Rodrigues
Richard Rodriguez
James Nelson

In Memory Of The Thirty-Seven Port Authority Of New York And New Jersey Police Officers Killed In The Line-Of-Duty During The Terrorist Attack On The World Trade Center On September 11, 2001.


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